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“Just let it be
and figure it out along the way.” 
— Abraham, Esther Hicks 

[Classic post from 4-20-18]

It occurred to me a few minutes ago while standing outside feeling the sun and enjoying the clear blue sky and the nice breeze that so much of my learning that has been of value has come from my focus on how it feels to me. Does it resonate with me? Does it feel like I am in alignment? Does it feel like the truth to me?

No, it is not about right and wrong, and it isn’t about anyone else’s truth, or edicts of so-called truth regardless of the source. It is simply and completely a matter of whether it resonates or is in discordance with my inner knowing.

Making the conscious decision to follow my heart so to speak was the most powerful decision I have ever or could ever make. I just reread a delightful small quote by one of my favorite mentors, Alan Cohen. He said this: “You already know.” It is so true.

I do know and I realize that I am in my knowing as that information resonates within me. This is also important because virtually everything is vibration, whether physical objects or thought, and as vibrations are in resonance, they are said to be in tune, and when they are not, they are out of tune. It has become very easy now for me to feel the difference. As I feel this, I am in my knowing.

There are many things that I was taught over the years, that I have found to be discordant. Many of them were hard for me to accept as truth even as I was instructed that they were. In other words, they were out of tune with my inner knowing. But, so much of this came from authority figures whether living or not and so I was trying to accept what they said I should believe, but inside I was struggling with it like trying to put a square peg in a round hole.

I love this quote from Abraham, Esther Hicks that came this morning from a quote recorded in 1997: “Even though you would like your government to orchestrate the laws or God to orchestrate the law or somebody to give everybody one set of rules, it’s not ever going to happen. [And here’s my favorite part:] Each one of you, individually, are seeking your own vibrational balance, and when you find it, then you will welcome all kinds of different beliefs, because you will never fear that the belief will take you someplace that you don’t want to be.” 

There was a good part of my recent journey where I have, to say it kindly, have felt shortchanged by what I was taught and by the teachers involved in the teaching of it, and so I thought I had to focus on letting go of all of that. But, what I learned is that this is not the least bit necessary, and the quote above that I just left explains how that can be.

As we decide to come into our own knowing by feeling the resonance or discordance of something, we are exercising our full power, which will lead us to focus on that resonance, and just let the discordance be. Just like the quote at the very beginning that says to “just let it be, and figure it out along the way.” I am so thrilled with coming to this place of being in my knowing, feeling my own guidance within that to push against any manner of discordance is not only not necessary, it is not beneficial to me or anyone else.

I Am In My Own Authority. This Is A Power-Full Place To Be.

Spread Some Joy Today–as you come to realize your own inner knowing by accepting the power that we all have within us.

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