Daily Inspiration 3-4-14

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“If you had started 
doing anything 
two weeks ago, 
by today 
you would have been 
two weeks better at it.” 

 — John Mayer 

In John Mayer’s case, perhaps it is playing the guitar, songwriting, music recording. Maybe it is getting that college degree that you took a break getting many years ago. Perhaps it is learning a musical instrument, reading War and Peace, or other books. Maybe it is getting the next level certification in your profession. 

Whatever your list is, welcome to the club. We all have put off things for a wide variety of sounds-good-reasons. Yet, this simple yet so profound quote above tells us that the simplicity of it and the profoundness of it is to begin. Just begin.

Once begun, over time we can get better at it. Then, we can look in the rearview mirror at that beginning and see how well that decision worked for us and the improvements that we have made as a result of simply getting started.

How Long Or How Far You Go Doesn’t Matter. What Matters Is Going. 

Spread Some Joy Today–Begin with joy. Keep beginning.

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