Daily Inspiration 3-4-13

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“The common eye sees only

the outside of things,

and judges by that,

but the seeing eye pierces


and reads

the heart and the soul.”


— Mark Twain

I heard someone say through another that they would never buy anything from any company who misspelled a word on their website. I said, are they serious? They said that they were serious. I say, get a life!

Spelling is important. I endeavor to spell correctly and use the proper grammar rules, as I make up some of my own. I don’t worry about it, but do intend for whatever I write or our company puts on the web to be excellent. Sometimes we miss that intention.

Indeed, I was just told that the word subscribe at the bottom of this email newsletter has been misspelled, missing the ‘s’ in the middle. It has now been corrected and I am grateful for the person who informed me. This, after tens of thousands were sent out over a period of several years. Interesting.

If you see an error like that, it is a kind and generous thing to point it out, without any ridicule, of course. I’ve done it for others from time to time. I know that in doing these Daily Inspirations usually late in the evening just before bed, I have found in reading them in the morning that I missed a word or some other error. It’s funny how it glares at me in the morning and evaded me only hours before. There’s nothing to be done to correct that. It is sort of like cutting open the pillow at the top of the mountain on a windy day. It’s out there.

So be it. I say, do the best you can at the time you’re doing it and move on. If you have time and money for an editor, great. If you don’t, just go with it. It is the intent and the feeling, or as the quote says, the heart and the soul that is important. I know this and so if I do my best there, I am satisfied with the result in it’s written perfection or imperfection.

Do Your Best And Keep Your Sense Of Humor. Don’t Worry, Be Happy!

Spread Some Joy Today–Go encourage someone today. Anyone will do. It is the best gift you can give. It is love.

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