Daily Inspiration 3-31-11

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“Do not let what you cannot do
interfere with what you can do.”
— John Wooden
I don’t know about you; however, I know how busy I can get and how many things I have on my plate at any given time. It is especially true with a new business and one that is expanding quickly because it seems like there is no end to the things to do. What usually develops is frustration, or becoming overwhelmed. Neither of those feels very good and most of the time they cripple us from moving forward until we can get past them, reconcile them, or let them go.
One thing that helps me a lot is to focus on what I can do instead of what I cannot do. The list of things that I don’t have time or energy to get to gets longer every day. Worrying about any of that would be so counter productive. The best thing I can do is to focus on what I can do and begin doing that. Doing what I can do is empowering and productive and effective.
The other thing that I’ve found that helps a lot is to let go and just not worry about anything at all. The world is still spinning on its axis without my help and the sun came up today one more time without any assistance or suggestion from me and it will likely keep coming up long after I’m gone.
If I wanted to worry, there would be plenty to worry about, but I have learned that as soon as I feel a worried thought entering my consciousness, I need to let go of the oars and float downstream. Maybe I’ll take a little nap, or a walk, or some other thing that occupies my body and thinking for a short time–a diversion, if you will. It is most effective. Then, when I return, I am refreshed and unworried.
Has Worrying Ever Changed Anything For The Better? Not In My Life.
Spread Some Joy Today–Just do what you can and forget about the rest. Give the rest to God and let go of it. It will all be okay. . . Don’t worry, be happy.
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