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“Every achiever that I have ever met says,
‘My life turned around when I began to believe in me.'”
— Dr Robert Schuller
“The history of free men is never wirtten by chance,
but by choice–their choice.”
— Vince Lombardi
I know a lot of people who claim belief in God and not in themselves. Isn’t that an oxymoron? If we believe in God and know that God made us, by not believing in ourselves, we must mean that God makes poor specimens of human beings. What was that in Genesis about, ‘it was good. . .?’ Nah, you’re really saying it was bad.
I got over it. I’m perfectly made and perfectly sound and am working diligently on perfect belief–in me. The way toward that wonderful place is the word, ‘try.’ I know Yoda said there is no try, but what I mean is to give it a shot and go do. Then, as you do, learn from the experience of it and make an effort to do it your best. Then, keep doing your best which gets better at every juncture, until you are the best at what you do–or, somewhere in there doing well, at the very least.
I used to love to watch my stepson, Guy. I met him when he was 12 years old and full of curiosity, as most kids are. But, Guy was different in that he would actually do things others might just think of. I’ll give you an example of this kid’s creative curiosity.
I had an electric air pump for many years. It was a small pump designed for spray painting small items, blowing up swimming pool rafts and the like. It was indestructible. Matter of fact, I bought it in 1972 and it still works today. Anyway, Guy takes the pump out by the pool and found a large plastic bowl shaped object, took some duct tape and hooked it all up so he could breathe underwater in the pool. I walked out there and saw him underwater with the plastic dome and the pump going and I just started cracking up. What fun! What creativity.
That was just one instance of many such things that Guy tried. He just followed what he wanted to do and did it. He believed in himself, his ability and his creativity to find a way, then he just acted on it. I don’t think I have met anyone who had as much belief in himself as I saw in Guy. He’s still acting it out now with a family of his own. They seem to be creatively curious as well and I wonder where they get it from. It must be contagious.
It is contagious. People who really believe in themselves and who find a way are generally people we look up to and admire. And, really, it is just a choice. A choice to believe in ourselves and our ability and our right to do, be and have. It’s not waiting for the perfect time, but acting on it now with what is available right now. Guy didn’t have scuba gear, he just had fun with what was available. We can do that in our personal lives and business too. Just make the best of what is available and believe we can do it and we will.
I Believe. I Believe. I Believe.
Spread Some Joy Today–Adopt more belief in yourself and make some decisions today and have some fun. Become a rock star!
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