Daily Inspiration 3-30-19

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“No one has ever 
become poor by giving.” 
— Anne Frank 

[Classic post from 3-10-17]

No. That’s just not possible. If one gave everything one owned they would not be poor. They might be broke. But, to be poor is not about things or money or status. It is a mindset of lack. From a mindset of lack, there is no desire to give, but only to get.

When someone is a giver, they have a certain sense of abundance within them. It matters not what we may or may not have because to give is to have a mindset of enough, and actually, better stated as enough to share.

Even deeper than this surface view, poor is about fear, and giving is about love. Therein lies the real difference.

I Am Enough. I Am Enough To Share. For I Am Love. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by feeling your way to your God-given abundance. Joy, love, abundance, empowerment, appreciation, freedom. They are all the best of friends.

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