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“If you don’t see it around you, 
create what excites you.” 
— Bashar (paraphrased) 

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[Classic post from 10-20-15]

Here’s an interesting bit from Bashar: Blueprint For Change, regarding a question of what to do when this person was out of work for a time and feeling depressed about it and losing trust in themselves about finding work that would excite them:

“Then create what excites you to be your job; that’s the whole idea. The idea is not to look around, necessarily, for the things that excite you that already exist. If you do not find something, then allow what excites you to become your job. Somebody had to start the jobs that exist in your society. They didn’t always exist in the format they exist in now. Someone had to say, “Wait a minute! Look around; the thing that really excites me the most there isn’t a job for. I guess I had better start one.” And now, at this point in time, you think that’s a typical job.”

Isn’t that interesting, and I know that it is completely true in that this is how jobs got created in the first place. Someone decided to open a business, offer a service, help others to manage, or organize, or do training, or a million other things.

How often have we become so blinded by what is available for us to do in order to have money and do something worthwhile or exciting?

When I was a child and even into my teens and twenties, the general theme seemed to me to be that our goal was to find a good job and retire with a gold watch and maybe a pension. Blah. I’ve had numerous careers, jobs, positions, situations in my life, and I’m not convinced that I am done experimenting yet.

Can you create your own situation? Absolutely. I’m living that dream. I created the work I do out of my head. This thing that I, and now we, do in this business didn’t exist as it is that we do it. So, we created it. Anyone can do it. All it really requires is the desire and some trust in yourself; trusting in your ability to do and to enjoy.

If that so-called perfect job that excites and completes you don’t seem to be out there, maybe it’s time to simply create it for yourself.

Opportunities Are Not Less Today. They Are Far, Far, Greater In Number And Infinitely Varied. 

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