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“If you fight for your limitations
you get to keep them. . . 
I promise you, 
you lift your head up, 
take a breath, 
there’s a lot of great possibilities out there.” 

 — Billy McMahon, played by Vince Vaughn 
in the movie, The Internship 

Though I have found many lessons and inspiration from this movie, this will be the last post in this short series. And, I’ll end it on the inspirational note of a promising future.

Billy and the team are talking with a pizza shop owner who is total old-school in his thinking and claiming he’s happy with what he has, yet it is true that what he’s been doing is just the same while the world is changing all around him. His son sees that and is happy to have the help of trying to change his dad’s mind about the potential greater future of their enterprise. Billy is giving his sale-closing line in the quote above.

I’ve always had this analogy in my head about keeping your eyes on the horizon instead of the cracks in the sidewalk. Must have come from my home-made skateboarding days. And, it makes sense in that when we are watching the cracks in the sidewalk; e.g., watching for danger, guarding the gate, concerned about too many things, we are more likely to have a tumble, falter, fail, and have troubles. As we bring our heads up and focus on the larger picture so that we can see better where we are going, a lot of the details have a tendency to take care of themselves. This is true in our businesses, our jobs, and our personal lives.

When we spell out the things that we are allowing to hold us back, no matter how “legitimate” they are based on popular consumption or mass communications, we will often find ourselves fighting for our limitations. To me, this is, again, so much like watching the cracks in the sidewalk. As we lift our heads, and our hearts in focusing on the larger picture, so many more possibilities can be seen and considered. Not only that, but in doing so, we open ourselves up to change, when before we could not consider that option.

Change Is Not To Be Feared. It Is To Be Embraced. Life IS Change. Change Is Living. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by being the change you seek in yourself.

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