Daily Inspiration 3-29-13

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“There is a natural flow
of what wants to happen.
Let it.”
— Alan Cohen

I had a meeting with two clients today. They own a restaurant in the area. One of them was delayed and I sat on a comfy leather couch for about 40 minutes practicing my patience, doing some purposeful breathing and watching people at work.

There was a blond-haired woman who was in training and I heard her say to one customer that it was her first day. The general manager was doing some training with her and she was doing everything in stride. She is very beautiful. It was a classic beauty that reminded me of European Royalty. The other thing I noticed was that she seemed to have an aura of self-confidence about her. We all know how first days on the job can be, but she didn’t show any nervousness about that.

I thought as the meeting was ending that I should go up and tell her my observations. But, she went in the back and I went ahead and left. After getting home, I thought to myself, wouldn’t I like to hear something like that from a stranger or anyone for that matter? As it came back to me several times, I got on the phone and called the restaurant, asked for the new blond girl and here’s what I said:

“Hi, I’m Terry and I was the guy waiting on the couch for some time. I have no agenda for this call except to tell you something that I thought you might want to hear. As I sat there looking in your general direction, I was appreciating your classic beauty. In fact, it reminded me of European Royalty. I know this was your first day on this new job, and I wanted to add that my other impression of observing you was that you seemed to exude personal confidence or self-confidence. I thought you might enjoy hearing that. I hope you have a wonderful afternoon.”

She was elated as I was hanging up. I can just imagine how I would have felt having someone say something like that about me. In recent years, I’ve become bold enough to do this kind of thing often. I see someone and have this positive impression and I tell them. Maybe their hair looks great or it shines or the color they are wearing makes their eyes pop, and a myriad of other compliments. Many are small and short, others a bit longer, and every single one of them has been received with gratitude and joy. It has not failed me yet to say something sincere, positive and heartfelt. And, the real bonus is how it makes me feel to do it.

There Are So Many Very Simple Ways To Spread Joy Every Single Day.

Spread Some Joy Today–Don’t hold it in anymore. Uplift someone you know, or a stranger as well with a simple compliment. People crave compliments when they are sincere. It is a gift that keeps on giving.

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