Daily Inspiration 3-28-11

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“Reality is the leading cause of stress
amongst those in touch with it.”
— Jane Wagner
“Learned helplessness is the giving-up reaction,
the quitting response that follows from the belief
that whatever you do doesn’t matter.”
— Arnold Schwarzenegger
Who cares? I don’t give s**t! It’s always something! Just when I start to make some headway, this crap happens! No matter what I do, they are never satisfied! These and a long list of statements like them are full of anger, frustration, overwhelment, and even depression. I’ve said them all and more. Many times. You?
The problem as I saw it was that things outside of myself that I had little or no control of were always messing with my plans. It was a learned helplessness that took over for a time when I felt (this is a key word) that no matter what I did, I couldn’t seem to get very far ahead. The American financial dream was looking more like a dream all the time no matter what I did–or at least that’s how it felt much of the time.
So, I would feel low for a time, blame and complain, mourn and lament, realize that no one cared that much about how I felt about it, then I would eventually buck up and go back in and fight some more. At the same time, I wanted something more and studied and dreamt of the day that I could have more control and have a smoother ride through life. Though I took two steps forward and one back, I still made progress enough to feel like it was indeed progress.
This went on all of my life and careers until just a short time ago. What changed? It isn’t the economic times, for we have and are still in one of the toughest on record. It isn’t my bank account, for that has seen better days. No, it isn’t anything at all external to me. It is internal. I changed my reaction to the things around me, or rather, I changed how I thought about things, which changed the way I FEEL about it.
Now think about that. How we feel about what we are going through is the determining factor in our response, reaction and attitude. Ask a few key questions. Is it possible to feel good, hopeful, and even joyous and be broke? Is it possible to feel good, hopeful, and even joyous in being fired? Is it possible to have your world as you know it crashing down around you and find things to appreciate regardless? The answer to that is a resounding yes!
Since it is possible, then if we choose to change our thoughts enough so that we could feel good, hopeful and even joyous, regardless of the external things going on around us, our life would shine and smile and laugh as if everything was perfect.
Since practicing this change and continuing to practice it now, my life is blessed and full and awesome and perfect now. It is only my choice of how I look at things and they look mighty fine.
If I Truly Believe In God, What In The World Do I Have To Be Worried About?
Spread Some Joy Today–Love yourself first! Feel good. It is from that place that you can benefit others by loving them.
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