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“Then I realized something. 
I’d spent my whole life 
only recognizing my lucky breaks 
after they were gone.” 

— Ray King, played by J. K. Simmons 
from the movie, The Accountant
written by Bill Dubuque 

[Classic post from 3-7-17]

What does it mean to be present, to live in the now? It means you can see your lucky breaks as they are happening. You delight in them in your presence. You find joy in the situation. You fulfill them as they were intended to be of service to you.

More often than not I think so many of us see the lucky breaks by looking backward and having some distance between the event and now. We weren’t even aware at the time of the blessings in store.

Many of these lucky breaks came from pain, sorrow, defeat, failure, and even depression. Then one day, we awaken. We see our lives, our journey with new eyes. We see our many, many lucky breaks however they came, and we can now rejoice. Better late than never. Better to awaken than to sleep all the way through.

You’ve heard or read about people who said that cancer was the best thing that ever happened, or divorce was the best, or a business failure, or a house burning down, or any millions of other calamities or roadblocks. Nowadays, I see those as having to come to a head in order to get even a little of my attention.

I know for a fact that divorce was a humongous blessing in my life though I vowed it would never happen to me. I know being held up at gunpoint was a turning point for me. I know that my grandmother teaching me phonics when I was very young was a turning point. I know that winning a trip to Hawaii changed my life. I know reading a book changed my life. And many after that. I know that the death of a loved one changed my life. I know that doing a consulting job during the big recession in 2009 and seeing salespeople more discouraged and desperate than I had ever seen them and starting these Daily Inspirations to them changed my life. And changed the lives of many others too. As we are blessed, we bless others with or without knowing this. Such is the value of a life lived.

Good or bad are just words we associate with an event or behavior. They are decisions we make based on past training and other things. They are judgments. Lucky is a judgment. What is more truthful I think is that we are guided and encouraged–not like being a puppet, but via our changes and alignments or misalignments with the vibration of our own soul, our inner knowing, our inner being, the God within, or whatever label pleases you.

We all know that there is a far greater power within us, and as we awaken to the recognition in the knowledge of this, we can see the entire world with new eyes. This is one great way to see the blessings as they come rather than viewing them in the rearview mirror.

As we open ourselves to be present here and now, and learn to flow with things and let them flow in and through us without holding on to them, we can know the inner joy that is ready to flow within and out of us as a way of life. No more lucky breaks, but a flow of life here and now.

Lucky Break Or Manifest Destiny? 

Spread Some Joy Today–by awakening to all the life that is flowing in and through you all day every day.

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