Daily Inspiration 3-26-19

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“You can’t discover light 
by analyzing the darkness.” 
— Wayne Dyer 

[Classic post from 3-6-17]

I was thinking how easy it is to blame, to criticize, to condemn. I mean really, it takes no effort at all. One does not even need facts. We can just as easily make something up as to point something out. Not only is it easy for us, but by expressing it, this makes it easy for anyone to join in. None of us need facts. Facts are immaterial. None of us need to know anything about anything. All of us can justify that point of view with bullshit.

Then I was wondering what comes of the blaming, criticism, and condemnation. A picture of a high powered kitchen blender came to mind as if it were only partially filled with liquid and some fruit or some other food to be mixed and turning it on full speed with the lid off. The stuff goes all over the counter in a flash.

Then, we say, what was I thinking? Same with analyzing the darkness, finding fault, seeking blame, accusing people without any facts, and in public without a fair shot at any kind of explanation, assuming one was even offered. Whirring immediately into a frenzy of stuff all over the counter or all over the Internet that needs to be wiped up and discarded.

Of course, it is easy on the counter, even if it slopped over onto the floor or the wall or even the ceiling, but the Internet is a different thing altogether. It will pass, but it will take longer.

Then I was thinking about looking for the light instead of flailing around in the darkness. What if we instead of seeking someone to be at fault, found someone to compliment, approve of, praise, find harmony in, stand up and cheer for, pour out our appreciation and gratitude for and on? What if we responded as if we were focused on the light instead of the darkness? What then?

What if the lid to the blender was off in this situation? Can you imagine praise, upliftment, appreciation, gratitude, support, and joy went all over the counter? What if it hit the walls and the ceiling and the floor? What if it went viral on the Internet? What if the light ruled? What if our joy led? What if our appreciation was full? What if everywhere we looked we saw the light of love?

Hmmmm. . . . 

Spread Some Joy Today–by focusing on the light. There is joy in the light and every good thing too.

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