Daily Inspiration 3-26-13

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“The only man I know who behaves sensibly is my tailor;

he takes my measurements anew

each time he sees me.

The rest go on with their old measurements

and expect me to fit them.”

— George Bernard Shaw

Sometimes we grow up. We may grow out. It could be that we are growing into. I’ve also experienced growing away from. I like growing toward. As we age, we may even grow down. But whether it is up, down, in, out, away or toward, we are constantly growing. Another word for that is changing. That might even be a more descript word.

We are constantly changing.

In some cases people don’t keep up with us, or we don’t keep up with them; we’re in the club, out of the club, in favor, out of favor, or even out of favors. We are nonetheless changing ever.

The tailor knows this and does not rely on the past, and rejoices anew with a new order from an old friend. The tailor knows and loves you anyway. The tailor cares enough to measure, but not with a stich of condemnation. Visiting the tailor is a peaceful reunion and retreat.

As Ye Are Blessed, Bless Ye Others.

Spread Some Joy Today–Maybe it’s time for a new suit.

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