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“What you resist persists.” 

— Carl Jung 

I wrote the book, Commercial Truck Success, from my experience in starting two commercial truck departments within retail auto dealerships and through trial and error, created very profitable and successful operations. In the book, some of the simplest concepts are to make sure your inventory is salable this moment, by keeping them clean and making sure they start and run well. Very basic stuff.

Yet, it is amazing every single time I see the oldest truck on the lot won’t even start and they are so desperate to sell the two year old piece that they are trying to sell it below cost. What would happen if a buyer actually came in and was interested? The salesperson would try to start it, then go get the jumper battery, and the jumper battery is too low to give enough juice to the truck battery to get it to crank. The salesperson is running around and the buyer is thinking, “no wonder they’ve had it so long!” Then he or she remembers an appointment they are late for.

Here was a perfect opportunity to sell the unit and even sell it at a profit, but the whole thing was blown because the dealership resisted fixing the truck. How much do new batteries, if needed, cost in comparison to a month’s worth of flooring on a $50,000 truck? Or how about six more months of flooring expense waiting for the next buyer? Sometimes we just can’t see the forest for the trees. It is often the simple things, the easy to fix things that hold us back.

This doesn’t just apply to a commercial truck department, or even a retail auto dealership, or a hair salon, or restaurant, or an appliance store, or any other business, it applies to all of life. Personal life, business life, government life, all of life.

We have a leaky faucet in the bathroom and it has been that way for a long time, but now the drought has worsened and surcharges apply for excessive use of water. How did this bill get so high? Well, that would have paid for a brand new faucet, and another month or two and we could have paid a plumber to handle it. Just little things like doing the dishes (I have resistance there, but I am working on it) and keeping the kitchen clean. There are so many little things that are important and yet also easy to see as not important. Until they are REALLY important. Then panic sets in.

I created relationships with other commercial truck dealers to trade old inventory with. It’s amazing that when you have an old piece, even if in tip-top shape, the salespeople walk right past it as it if isn’t really there. So, I would trade two or three of my 90+ day old units for the other dealers 90+ day old units site unseen. When they come here they are new, when mine go there, they are new. I cannot tell you how many times those units sold so fast it amazed me. So there are many creative ways to cause movement.

Consider making a list of some of the things at work, and at home that you might have been glossing over that could be important, and under certain circumstances could be REALLY important. For example, an effective savings plan. Too much month at the end of the money? How many years did I live like that! But, that simply means that the outgo is exceeding the income. There are ways to solve that on both ends of the scale. Simple things that are put off for another day, that are important and yet allowed to slide.

I’m Working On My List And Making Progress. Feels Great Too. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by clearing out those cobwebs, and allowing your priorities to include important and yet often ignored things like joy to come into the open and thrive.

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