Daily Inspiration 3-23-12

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“Just let awareness have its way with you completely.”
— Scott Morrison
It is such a simple thing and yet I’ve paid so little attention until recently. I am so much more aware of what goes on around me, in me and through me. I’ve always had eyes and yet didn’t really see so well. Now I see a completely different world. It didn’t change, but I did. The change is simple and cosmic at the same time. It is that I began to practice seeing the world, and especially the world from where ever I am at the moment as perfect, wonderful and not broken. In so doing, that is exactly how it is and it brings me peace of mind and joy.
I used to see what was wrong. I would complain about it to myself and to others. I would even make those things and other things outside of myself as reasons for my unhappiness, discomfort, or lack.
To be fair, I am practicing this every day and getting so much better as a result. Today for example, I went for a walk and it was awe inspiring as I just allowed myself to experience the weather and fully enjoy myself and everything that I saw. Earlier in the day I watched two Junco’s in the back yard and I watched them take turns diving into the swimming pool on a shallow dive and then come up and out and back up to a branch. I’ve never seen anything like that before in 25 years of watching birds around our home.
Today was a special day and I am learning to allow awareness to have its way with me. I also have to add that I watched no news on TV, read no newspapers, saw no news on the Internet, heard no radio. It should not be amazing how much this helps the cause.
Enjoying Life’s Simple Pleasures. . .
Spread Some Joy Today–Have fun! Enjoy your day, your surroundings, and the people around you. It really is a choice to do so or not to.
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