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“Always be honest with yourself. . . 
Acknowledge that you have difficulty believing. . . 
Don’t deny it, as denial is the first step
to forgetting everything about who you are. 
Don’t deny anything about yourself, 
including the fact that you have denial.” 
— Bashar, Darryl Anka 

[Classic post from 3-21-17]

Something brought me back to this book that I posted from yesterday on the subject of beliefs and how they are the cause of whatever reality we experience. The book is Bashar: Blueprint For Change, and there are so many golden nuggets in this book, I wanted to continue for a couple of days in the same relative area of our beliefs.

Bashar asked Darryl if he believed that he could have what he wanted, and asked if he was willing to make it that simple of an idea. Darryl answered that he did believe that, sometimes. Part of Bashar’s answer is the quote above.

Bashar suggests that we allow ourselves to deal with the fact that we may be denying that we have a certain belief or beliefs and that we may buy into the ideas of doubt, fear, and self-invalidation. It is stated that it is all right to have those thoughts. In fact, the problems come from the denials or the blaming of it on others, and more that keep it out of our control.

Then Bashar states this: “You see, the whole issue is that once you own the right to think that way [that it is okay to have these thoughts], you have made it clear that it was your choice to choose the negative reality. And once it’s clear that it was your choice, it’s back under your control.” 

“If you sometimes don’t feel capable of doing what excites you the most, acknowledge that you believe that. And then get into a very honest discussion with yourself about why you would choose to believe that way. What type of beliefs would you have? What kind of definitions would you have to buy into in order to feel you couldn’t do the thing that is most representative of who you are.” 

I’ve underlined the parts of those two statements that raised their voice in my head. As we stop blaming outside circumstances, heredity, our childhood or lack of it, or anything we can imagine that can be at fault and accept responsibility for our own choice of thoughts, we are empowered. We have control. What we do with that control and power is always up to us. We can stay where we are, but at least accepting it is our choice, or we can choose differently. It is what we believe about ourselves that drives the reality we currently experience.

We Are Only Pawns In The Game Of Life As We Believe That. Truth Be Known, We Are All-Powerful. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by choosing joy or not choosing joy, but not giving reasons why it is not there. Joy, along with our reality is always a choice.

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