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“Everyone is selfish. 
It is not possible to be otherwise.” 

— Abraham, Esther Hicks 

Woo-hoo! A milestone! This Daily Inspiration message is number 2,000. Every day since 2009 except one day. Wow! Pretty amazing. To me, anyway. I wonder how many words that has been? Whew! A lot! Some of you have been on this adventure with me for a lot of years, and I absolutely appreciate the company and occasional feedback and support. Now, back to my regular programming. . .

An age old question: Is it better to give or receive? The answer: No.

Think about it. If it is better to give than receive, the giver is shortchanged. And, at the same time, the receiver is short changed. That would make giving a less appealing proposition, and receiving would be a negative, guilt-ridden experience. They are equally good. So next time someone gives you something, be a generous receiver and accept it with an open and loving and joyous heart.

So often, at least from my own upbringing, we may have been taught that to give is better than receiving and that receiving is selfish or self-centered. It was all gibberish. I know that now, but still it was with me for so many years.

Abraham sheds some light on the subject of selfishness: “We are often accused of teaching selfishness, and we always agree that we certainly do teach selfishness, for you cannot perceive life from any perspective other than from that of yourself. Selfishness is the sense of self. It is the picture you hold of yourself. Whether you are focusing upon yourself or another, you are doing it all from your selfish vibrational viewpoint, and whatever you are feeling is your point of attraction

So, if from your perspective of self you are focused in a way that you are feeling good, then your point of attraction is such that the things that you are attracting–through the Law of Attraction–will please you when they get there.

If, however, you are not selfish enough to insist upon focusing in a way that feels good, and you are focused upon something that feels bad, then your point of attraction is such that you are negatively attracting–and you will not like what is coming when it gets there.

Unless you are selfish enough to care about how you feel, and therefore direct your thoughts in such a way that you are allowing a true connection to your Inner Being, you have nothing to give another anyway. 

Everyone is selfish. It is not possible to be otherwise.” 

So, yesterday, I wrote about the Book of Positive Aspects and how important that can be if you want to have a better relationship with whomever, and all that you have relationships with.

This same idea holds true for ourselves. I think it is equally important, and maybe even more important to create Positive Aspect lists about yourself. Try to think of it this way: If your Inner Being only sees the positive aspects of others, and when you align with that, your relationship soars, the same would be true of yourself. What do you suppose your Inner Being, or the God within, or Your Higher Power, and such thinks about you? Your Inner Being sees only the positive in you, and do you see that in yourself?

How many times during the day are you internally putting yourself down. I’m too fat. I need to lose weight. I hate these wrinkles. I don’t like the way these clothes fit. I used to feel good but the older I get the worse I feel. I can’t do the things I used to be able to do. My knees aren’t what they used to be. I don’t feel very appealing. I need to exercise more. I need to exercise period. I’m not happy with the way things are. My spouse pays less attention to me lately. Where’s the love?

It’s all counterproductive to what you want. So, just like yesterday’s post, get your Book of Positive Aspects open and start a page and turn it into several pages of all the positive aspects of you. Don’t leave anything out, no matter how small or insignificant you might think it is. Keep writing until you cannot anymore. Then do it again tomorrow, adding to the list. Then again tomorrow add to the list and keep on until you think you’ve got the best list you can come up with. Then review the list often, giving praise and appreciation to yourself, feeling that alignment with who-you-really-are.

Feel the joy as you are in alignment with your Inner Being by relishing the joy you feel with that connection and the fact that your Inner Being is jumping up and down, saying YES! YES! YES! YES! That’s Right! Yes, that is how I see you. YOU ROCK! Let’s do this some more! I Love You! You Are Wonderful! Right On. Left Face. Keep the pace. I’ll see your joy and raise you some ecstasy. Get on with your awesome self!

It’s Not A Matter Of Deserving; However, You Deserve It! YOU ROCK! 

Spread Some Joy Today–by accepting it for you. Today is Selfishness Day!

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