Daily Inspiration 3-22-13

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“Good receivers bless the world

as much as good givers.”

— Alan Cohen

It is generous to receive as much as it is generous to give. Practicing graciousness in receiving is as important to learn as a willingness and generosity in giving.

A good part of my life, I had trouble receiving from others. I might argue with someone about paying the lunch ticket and such. I have always been a generous person and happy and willing to give, but I always seemed to feel guilty about getting or receiving, especially when I knew people of lesser means were trying to pay the bill or give something to me.

I’m not really sure where I learned to change my thinking of receiving, but I did and now receive with joy. The interesting thing about that is not just that it caused me to feel better in that situation, but that it caused the giver to feel better too. I just decided that if they want to give it, then it is the only generous and gracious thing to do to accept it with joy and gratitude for their generosity. Consider it a blessing.

Many people, as I was, like to be generous, but when someone is not as open to receiving, it is distasteful and awkward. That ruins the whole thing. If you have experienced a struggle to receive as I did, I highly recommend considering the benefits of being a good receiver.

Let Go Of The Ego And Allow Your Heart To Lead.

Spread Some Joy Today–Bless others today with your generosity in giving and receiving.

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