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“If wishes were fishes, 
we’d all cast nets.” 
— Frank Herbert 

[Classic post from 5-13-17]

I remembered a phrase from my childhood this morning: Wishes are for fishes! It was in the same realm of other edicts I heard such as money doesn’t grow on trees, there’s only so much to go around, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, and other powerlessness statements. Oh, woe is me! I think I’ll eat some worms.

These are the kinds of statements that it is best not to remember, and certainly not helpful to believe!

Then, as one thought so often leads into another and then another, I thought about decisiveness. I thought of this: I wish. I want. I will. I am. Which of those gets results? I am, of course. I wish is such a waste of time. I want is okay, but lacking decision. I will, indicates a decision, but because it is put off into the future, it is also powerless. The only one that works is I am. I am, is abundance. 

If to say, I am is to be, how can I be before the result? We are always before the result. It is the being that creates the result. Empowered people are decisive. They pick and choose because they know that they have to be in alignment or resonate with that which they want. Once they find that place, they are already there.

Unlike so many of us who are waiting for an opportunity to present itself, or to find our calling, or the fish with the coins, powerful people are awash in opportunities because that is how they view life and their job is to have built up their skills in discernment to know which ones to choose, and their abundance mindset gives them the patience to take their time. They also know that things change and that mistakes can be made, and yet they also know that mistakes hold value–maybe even as much value as succeeding.

I think that when we let go of the idea of thinking that external situations and circumstances are what drives our lives, we will see our lives in such a different light. That light I would call the realization that this is an abundant world, and that there is more than enough to not only go around but to reward all who are willing to move into that light.

Next time you may be thinking about lack, whether a lack of opportunity, material resources, skills, knowledge, love, or in any form whatsoever, remember that wishes are for fishes.

I Wish. I Want. I Will. I AM. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by seeing the light of abundance that is all around you and also within.

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