Daily Inspiration 3-21-12

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“The best way to inspire people to superior performance
is to convince them by everything you do and by your
everyday attitude that you are wholeheartedly supporting them.”
— Harold S Geneen
I’ve learned so much from studying businesses great and small, and it is in this quote above that I see them succeed or fail the majority of the time.
Some business leaders (I should say ‘those who are in control’ rather than leaders), seem to think that the company means something in and of itself. It is absolutely nothing without its most valuable asset: the people who do the work. Just as on a football, baseball or any other team, it is the people and they way they work together that makes or breaks them.
In this, it saddens me every time that I see businesses who are forsaking, undermining, and otherwise manipulating their employees. I also cannot leave out vendors, because they are also an integral part of performance and quality. I’ve also seen many businesses who grind up and spit out their vendors to their demise.
People will rise to the occasion, to superior performance if encouraged and supported and cared for. It isn’t always about money either. I’ve seen people perform like super stars at very low pay, because they see something far greater than immediate monetary reward. Just think what it can be like to surround yourself with these super stars.
Valuing people in a business is the single most important quality of a successful company, product or service. Those who ignore this basic concept do so at their own risk.
“Leadership Is Practiced Not So Much In Words As In Attitude And In Actions.” — Harold S Geneen
Spread Some Joy Today–Appreciate yourself first, then find others to appreciate. You won’t have far to look.
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