Daily Inspiration 3-21-11

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“Never let yesterday use up too much of today.”

— Will Rogers

You know, I’ve gone past this quote by Will Rogers several times and didn’t think anything of it and then today it leapt from the page. What a brilliant quote! I cannot think of a better way to say that theme and in so few words as well.

When I think about it, I can see how much of my today’s I have spent thinking about yesterday–and even more, perhaps, thinking about yesterday’s potential in tomorrow. It makes me wonder how much of my today’s were actually spent in that day instead of the past and future.

This quote helps me by being even more aware of what I am thinking today and how that relates to the results I get, or the situations that come up. It’s funny how in the moment–I mean, truly in the moment–how the past and the future mean nothing. So many worries used to grip me because I had no strategy, no comprehension of my own thoughts. Now I practice with a different strategy.

Awareness Is The Beginning Of A More Fruitful Life.

Spread Some Joy Today–Go watch a YouTube funny video or StupidVideos.com. Laugh for a few minutes. It is a wonderful lubricant for the dry day.
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