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“You can indeed afford to laugh at fear thoughts,
remembering that God goes with you wherever you go.” 
— A Course in Miracles 

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[Classic post from 11-8-15]

Many times we may express to others something we dream of doing or intend on doing, only to hear them tell us to get real, that we may be off in a dream world, especially when our ideas are grand. 

Alan Cohen in his new book, A Course in Miracles Made Easy, says that “When others attempt to gobble your hopes in the shredder of doubt, Higher Power stands with you.”

He quotes from A Course in Miracles: “‘Who walks with me?’ This question should be asked a thousand times a day until certainty has ended doubting and established peace.” He continues, “When the world does not understand, accept, or support you, you do not walk alone. And if you should lose faith in yourself, God still has faith in you.” 

“Happiness, well-being, and success are your birthright and your destiny. All else is a trick of the mind.”

Of course, we may experience attacks on our desires and dreams from the outside, but the most persistent and the ones doing far more damage are the ones from the inside–our self-talk, our ultra-protective ego. The good news about that is that the ego has its place, but the ego is not us. It is a persistent voice sometimes, but we are far larger than that and we can choose to listen or not as we wish to because we are the ones who control our inner well-being or lack of it.

Next time you feel a desire to do something or dream up something that moves you momentarily, remember two huge things: One, you are always in control of your own well-being or lack of it. In other words, you accept control or you relinquish it. And, two, ask that wonderful and so-empowering question above: “Who walks with me?” and remember that God always has an unshakable faith in you. Always. 

Pure Joy Is Knowing Who Walks With You, Delights In You, Is Always Loving You, Adores You. Supports You. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by relaxing in the peace of your inner knowing.

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