Daily Inspiration 3-20-16

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“It’s always been a dream of mine 
to have done a TED talk 
in the past.” 

— Tim Urban 

Today’s post will be an easy one, in that I don’t have to write very much. I know some of you might enjoy that. I’ve also expressed many times how much I enjoy the TED organization and have watched many hundreds of TED Talks. Some have been so powerful that I have shared one here every once in a while.

This one is on procrastination. Some of you think that you are not procrastinators, but I believe that it is part of who we are for many reasons. Nonetheless, this 14 minute talk is so funny and powerful at the same time. I laughed all the way through it every time I watched it, and when I get to the end. . . well, that made it all worthwhile. So, I share this talk with you today. I hope it touches you even a tenth as much as it touched me.

See more from Tim Urban on his blog here: http://waitbutwhy.com

It’s A Hit! Doing, Doing, Doing, Done! 

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