Daily Inspiration 3-20-13

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“It’s so hard to help people

who don’t want help.”


— Albert K Strong

You’re a self-professed helper and you like to help people. In fact, you love to help people. It’s just who you are. You’re even good at it. And, as you look around, you see no foreseeable shortage of people who need help. They are all around you. It’s a bonanza.

You seize the moment and get your fair share of people to help, but you’re frustrated. It’s those people who really seem to need help and you know that your help would make a dramatic difference in their lives. But, the problem is, they don’t want help. You try anyway, and get even more frustrated. Why aren’t they listening? Can’t they see how much you could help them? All they do is complain. Their desire to change is insincere and empty. They argue for their limitations as they complain about having them.

The world is full of problems and there are some people who complain about circumstances, events, the world. They seem to want help, but do not. Your time is best spent with those who do want help rather than those who don’t.

Stay On The Path. When You See There Is No Real Interest, Bless Them And Move Along.

Spread Some Joy Today–Make sure you help yourself first. Put your mask on before helping anyone else. By the way. . . how are YOU doing?

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