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“Perhaps the most important vision of all is to develop a sense of self, a sense of your own destiny, a sense of your unique mission and role in life, a sense of purpose and meaning.”
— Stephen Covey
“I was once asked if a big business man ever reached his objective.
I replied that if a man ever reached his objective,
he was not a big business man.”
— Charles M Schwab
At first glance, these two quotes don’t seem to go together, yet to me they are so powerfully on the same track.
I’ve been called an idealist from time to time and from time to time I’ve been an idealist. What I like about an idealist is how big their dream is. It is right on the edge of impossible. Of course, that’s why we so sarcastically call them idealists, isn’t it? For only realists believe in reality and only fools believe in the ideal, right? Get your head out of the clouds and get back down here with the rest of us we might think or say.
Charles M Schwab was a big thinker and he acted on a thought and gave that thought some legs at a speaking engagement and turned that thought into what was then the largest corporation in the world: United States Steel Corporation. Idealist thinking turned into reality. Charles is a fascinating person and if you ever want to read about Andrew Carnegie’s right hand man, read, Steel Titan.
When I first got into the auto business at age 22 in 1972, what I saw and learned caused me to want to change the car business for the better and that became my idealistic endeavor. Here it is 2010, and I have barely even made the slightest dent in my objective; however, I have made huge strides in the individual operations of which I was involved. We could call that spillage, I suppose.
My point (I know I have one. . .) is that a grand objective is a very powerful thing though the rest of the world may call you an idealist or other names. It is powerful because it gives a person something to move toward, however small the steps and it is grand enough to evoke emotion and commitment and this makes all the difference. In short, it is so much larger than you or I and when we get out of ourselves and into a grand objective, powerful things happen.
My most recent evolution of grand objectives was announced in the CTS Daily Inspiration on Monday, March 15th: “I want my actions to inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more.” This is my new life mission and it is powerfully large and powerfully exciting at the same time. Now, everything I do has more meaning, more excitement, more intrigue, more joy.
This objective is impossible to achieve, right? Maybe, but that is part of the charm. If I really grab hold of this (and I am), then I will affect everyone I touch. That might be a small number, but then they touch two and they touch two and they touch two. . . and pretty soon, the world has been touched!
It could happen. . .
Grab hold of a grand ideal and adopt it. It will change your life!
A Mission Is So Much More Important Than A Goal.
Spread Some Joy Today–Think about what you would like as a life mission. It may change periodically, but absolutely worth the effort. Try it!
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