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“Argue for your limitations,
and sure enough they’re yours.”
— Richard Bach
I love this line by Richard Bach. I loved his early work, particularly Illusions, which was enlightening to me.
It is easy and true to think about how we set our own limitations in what we are willing to do, how far we are willing to go, how high we are willing to rise, and so on. I’ll call those the bigger things of life, such as career objectives, deciding to go into business and to potentially succeed at it, etc.
Yet, I think it applies more so to those little things of life that we allow to legitimize our limitations based on ordinarily accepted circumstances. For example:
•I’m so busy.
•I have no time.
•I have to do this.
•How about next week?
•I’m booked all week.
•There aren’t enough hours in the day.
•Send me an email and I’ll look at it.
•I have so much to do.
•It’s the last two days of the month.
•I’ve got no one to help me.
•I have to do everything myself.
•They just don’t appreciate what I do for them.
•I know it’s important, but I just don’t have the time or energy.
All of these common and accepted statements are indeed arguments for our limitations, aren’t they? We think they sound good, but when you look at them on this page, they look like they are: excuses and self-limitations. How can we deal with any of the big issues when we allow the little ones to clog up our life?
Try letting go of excuses. Keep your schedule flexible enough to accommodate minor changes. Remember some of the more important things and save some time and energy for them because they are important and will help you to move forward. We are much of the time like a car revving its engine but not engaging the transmission, so we just sit there with no forward movement, yet burning lots of fuel and energy.
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