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“You have everything you need 
for complete peace 
and total happiness right now.” 
— Wayne Dyer 

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[Classic post from 11-6-15]

I love this quote by Wayne Dyer because it is so true because peace and happiness are not without–they are not out there, a place we arrive at, but simply a choice. Peace and happiness come from within, and so they are with us whenever we choose to allow them to be.

They say that at the end of a war, there is peace. That could never be true. There might be a ceasing of violent conflict, but peace is never a product of violence, and it is not a process that comes from action or activity. At the end of war there is a cessation of structured violence, but peace can only come from within. Can you be at peace within a war? Well, yes, by choosing to allow peace, and with that choice, you could no longer inflict violence on another.

How do you allow peace and happiness? By choosing peaceful and happy thoughts, As we do so, we are at peace and we are happy. Want it to last? Keep choosing them.

It’s Not Rocket Science. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by feeling your way through your day.

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