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“He is so above me 
in his bright radiance 
and collateral light.”

— William Shakespeare 
All’s Well That Ends Well, Act 1, Scene 1 

Yesterday I mentioned that I was thinking about William Shakespeare and words. It is said that he coined about 1,700 words and word combinations that we use today. Probably we don’t use them often. One of them in the quote above is the word radiance. Some others, to name but a few, are: amazement, cold-blooded, lackluster, majestic, madcap, zany, tranquil, puppy dog, Olympian, quarrelsome, eventful, moonbeam, hostile, laughable, jaded.

This all came back to my mind, along with Tony Robbin’s great book, Awaken the Giant Within, where my favorite chapter is The Vocabulary of Ultimate Success, because I love the word delightful, and I was thinking that I use it too often. I think many of us have our favorite words and as a result have a tendency to use them more often.

Many of the words that I used in the past were more negative, or at least with bland emotional power. It was Tony Robbins in his book that led me on a new path of expressive vocabulary. He has some charts in the book to help encourage a different choice of words or phrases from disempowered to empowered, many of them intended to change our state as he calls it, or to change our vibration and thereby our point of attraction as Abraham might express it. Some are just plain fun, and have a tendency to make me laugh when I say it. Here’s some examples from Awaken the Giant Within:

Go from I’m feeling hurt to I’m feeling dinged, from feeling fear to feeling wonderment, from I’m feeling pissed off to I’m feeling a little tinkled, from feeling exhausted to just a little droopy, from feeling overwhelmed to in demand, from feeling terrible to kind of different, from sick to it feels like a cleansing, from I’m stressed to I’m feeling energized. I think you’ll agree that using the new words really does change the whole feeling.

Words have a lot of power in our lives. 

So, back to delightful. I used to use a Thesaurus more in earlier times. Now, I’m getting to know it all over again to help me search for more words that help me expand my delight into new forms of expression. And, thanks to Thesaurus.com, I am delighted to share these new delights: alluring, engaging, refreshing, darling, heavenly, luscious, rapturous, ravishing, yummy, lush, scrumptious, cheery, thrilling, ambrosial, lovely, fascinating (another of my favorite words), ravishing.

I can turn my delight into relish (another favorite word), ecstasy, mirth, joyance (oh, that’s a good one!), enchantment, transport, glee, and joy. Or, how about extravagant, flamboyant, flashy, outrageous, fancy, and fantastic. Then there is exquisite, opulent, appetizing, juicy, succulent, sumptuous, mouth-watering, divine, adorable, delish, and savory.

The more we focus on these kind of words, the more of the situations, and views of all that is around us come to match them. Certainly, we can use many of these wonderful words to describe it after we’ve seen it, but I think you’ll find that by simply making a list of words like this will conjure up images. I think this effort is one of life’s little joys that increases the joy in that little life, to make it seem so much more distinctive and recklessly captivating. 

May Your Day Be Truly Engaging! 

Spread Some Joy Today–because a little cheeriness goes a long way.

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