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“You clap.

The Censor wakes up.

We all get into trouble.”

— Craig Ferguson

Deborah Hayward receives and reads the CTS Daily Inspirations. I had never met her until night before last. A few weeks ago she wrote me that she stopped getting the inspirations and so I fixed that for her, and she offered me tickets to hear the Solano Community Symphony in March or later for the last concert in the series. She happens to be the President of the Symphony organization, and I graciously accepted, though classical music is not my normal cup of tea.

I went and it was in the Vacaville Performing Arts Theatre and is a great venue for an acoustic orchestra. I had a great seat and enjoyed the evening very much. In fact, I plan to attend the next concert and will have to be a supporter of the organization too. I was moved. She said that happened to her 15 years ago.

All of these musicians are volunteers and they come from all walks of life and the range of ages is dramatic. They all played brilliantly and skillfully. I was impressed.

The audience however, was another matter. After the first piece, I was ready to stand, clapping, yelling bravo! and such. It was marvelous. But, the entire room was hushed. I could feel it. It was stifling. Immediately, I thought this must be some kind of etiquette rule, and as I looked that up, it says so in Wikipedia, although, there are exceptions, such as this: “The convention of silence during performances developed late in the 19th century. Mozart expected that people would eat and talk over his music, particularly at dinner, and was delighted when his audience would clap during his symphonies.”

As a musician myself, I find this depressing–no, strike that. I find it boring and sleepy, old and stale. Indeed, I watched the faces of some of the musicians and the conductor too and it appeared to me that they would have LOVED to have heard applause after a 10 minute movement.

I guess it’s not for me to say. I felt like I should have stood for myself and been alone if need be, but to show my sincerely and even enthusiastic appreciation for all these wonderful musicians, many even in their obvious 70’s! Bravo! Yeah Man! You ROCK! and all that. As it was, I went along unwillingly. But, not next time!

Thanks Debbie!

Applause, If Given With Sincerity, Is LOVE! Silence Is Absolutely Inappropriate. Just Sayin’ . . .

Spread Some Joy Today–Who can you applaud today? Someone made you breakfast? Bravo! Love and kisses! Your server at the restaurant served you well? Bravo! Nice tip! There must be a few hundred more, don’t you think?

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