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“Why is your economy more today than in the past?

Because human desire has summoned and created.

Where is this Well-being coming from?

What is the economy?

The economy is the exchange of human Energy,

it expands proportionate to the ideas

and desires that you create.”


— Abraham, Esther Hicks

I love this quote from Abraham-Hicks. What I love about it is the more appropriate view of that mystical thing called the economy.

We so often think of the economy as that thing outside of ourselves. We hear about the economy on TV, in newsprint and on the Internet. We think that we are not connected to the economy. In fact, many often feel they are victims of the economy, or puppets of the economy. Businesses rise and fall as the tide ebbs and flows based on the economy. Or so it seems. It is certainly easy to blame that mystical thing called the economy.

Yet, let us consider the quote above again and the answer to the question, what is the economy? The economy, it says, is the exchange of human Energy, and it expands proportionate to the ideas or desires that we create. That, then, gives us so much more power than we ever thought we had. As energy is exchanged and more of it is exchanged, the economy grows. As it is withheld, or the exchange slows, the economy resists growth. A good question to ask might be, what are we doing to exchange energy to create a more robust economy? Are we waiting for someone to do it for us, or deal with it on our behalf? Are we giving up our own power to create?

The more I know and study about life, living, and business, the more I see that we have so much power and that we often give it away. We then find ourselves complaining about circumstance, blaming the outside, or that which is outside of us, giving up even more power. We all have the power to create. We are born creators. It is more a matter of what we choose to focus on than anything outside of us.

Let Us Remind Ourselves That We ARE Creators. We Have The Power To Create Energy.

Spread Some Joy Today–Allow yourself to feel powerful today. Feel the creative energy within you. Find ways to make use of that energy, and to share that with others.

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