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“Man is made or unmade by himself.
By the right choice he ascends.
As a being of power, intelligence, and love,
and the lord of his own thoughts,
he holds the key to every situation.”
— James Allen
I love this quote and I have come to know this in my own life so clearly. I choose how things happen because I choose my own thoughts. None are chosen for me. In this, it is the ultimate responsibility and joy.
No matter how you may want to look at a life, it should be obvious that it is fleeting at best. There is no spare time to be unhappy and down unless we desire this. The hard thing for many of us to realize is that many do desire this. There is reward in unhappiness for many, as strange as this sounds.
If you look around you, it is visible in many ways in many people you know. It may even be visible in the mirror. You might even see these things repeated again and again and be amazed that it continues. You may see a string of circumstances that are lined up like a series of storms, yet they are created, rather than issued to the unlucky.
And, it is all okay. It is enough to realize that we each have the power to change our thinking at any time for those of us who choose to do so, while it is also as much a choice of those who choose pain as a victim of circumstance, who choose that. In all it is a choice.
It is hard also sometimes to watch someone make tough choices and desire so much to help them see a more harmonious way, yet as individuals in life, we have the power of choice and it is in our allowing of others to choose as they may, that we can love them truly.
The only real way that we have any power to guide them to a different choice is by our own power of choice and example. We must then allow them to then make their own choice and find our joy in their power to do so, regardless of how we might choose. This is, after all, the essence and practice of unconditional love.
We Cannot Choose For Another, Only Be An Example.
Spread Some Joy Today–by allowing others to choose what they may, while you choose your own joy.
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