Daily Inspiration 3-17-16

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“The cost of being wrong 
is less than the cost 
of doing nothing.” 

— Seth Godin 

This morning, I’m sharing a few gems from Seth Godin’s very creative and visually interesting book, What To Do When I’ts Your Turn [and it’s always your turn].

First is the quote above. In trying to move forward, to expand, to grow, to become, to achieve something, to influence, all of it has a cost, but take hope in the concept that the cost of being wrong, not doing it well, not succeeding immediately, is considerably less than the cost of doing nothing at all.

We have to allow ourselves the freedom to do and experience whatever results come, even those results that others may call failures. He says, “There are three problems with freedom: Things often don’t turn out precisely the way we hope. Resolution takes too long. And we might fail.” Oh, that last one allows some people to never try.

We need to have a certain freedom to be able to fail and be okay with it. Seth says, “Not everything has to be okay. Perhaps it might be better for everything to be moving. Moving forward, with generosity. Moving forward, with a willingness to live with the tension. Moving forward, learning as you go. The person who fails the most, wins.” 

Consider the idea that we don’t have to know everything, to be open to finding out, even if it doesn’t work out as we might like. Movement is good. What’s next? It might be interesting.

Movement IS Life. Life IS Movement. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by allowing yourself to see joy where it didn’t used to exist in your experience.

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