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is an easy thing 
to exaggerate.” 

 — Albert K Strong 
My Life Lessons 

This is a series of revelations about my life that I am sharing with others for what it may be worth. These come from a lifetime of study and experience of others and myself, and I now translate them to words. These will be numbered; however, they are not in order of importance as all are equally important. It is just a way for me to keep track of them in this series. I hope you find value in them.

Life Lesson #8

I am not all that, and I AM. 

The two most powerful words ever put together to create a sentence are I am. The two most powerful words besides love in The Bible are I am. Every single one of us is independently powerful on our own. We can do anything we set our heart and mind to achieve.

This power is always within us although many people are unaware of the creative and expressive power within. It is always at our command though we may fail to command it. And, all of that doesn’t matter. We all get to choose. What does matter is that it exists in each of us all the time ready.

At the same time, I am not all that. I am not that important or special. Neither is Einstein, Lincoln, or Mother Teresa. What I mean is that we are not better than the next person. I am not more special than the homeless man on the street, or the next door neighbor. Einstein is not more special than me, nor I him. We are equally special, and equally important.

When we start setting ourselves apart from one another as more or less valuable, it is easy to put them on a pedestal or in a pit. In one way we are less than, and another we are more than. This serves no one.

We all have different jobs to do at work and may have different status in societal terms, have more or less money, live luxuriously or very conservatively. We may have different titles, own companies, or work as a janitor. What really sets us apart is when we think we are all that, or that we are superior, better than, or on the other side, inferior, or less than each other.

We are all people, and all deserving, and all important. If we give each other this kind of respect regardless of their position in society, this serves all.

R-E-S-P-E-C-T Each Other As Yourself. 

Spread Some Joy Today–Thank you are two of the kindest words ever spoken or written.

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