Daily Inspiration 3-16-13

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“So if we’re going to kick our time diets,

then everything that gets on our calendar

needs to be assessed for its nutritional value.

The guiding question becomes,

Does this sustain me or exhaust me?”

— Danielle LaPorte

What a great and powerful question in deciding how we spend our time. Will this sustain me, or will it exhaust me? Is this something that will help fulfill my goals, desires or objectives? Or will it mess with me and confuse me and take me off course?

I think that the answer to these questions is always easily answered within ourselves and if it feels good when we answer it, it must be good, but often we take the answer that doesn’t feel so good because of outside influences and egocentric reasons. In other words, we think we should, or we think something might be in our best interests and such. The reality is that our heart always knows which way the wind blows.

All We Need Do Is Pay Close Attention To Our Heart.

Spread Some Joy Today–Leave your cold prickly bag at home today, and give nothing except warm fuzzies from a bottomless bag.

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