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“You must take personal responsibility. 
You cannot change the circumstances, 
the season, or the wind, 
but you can change yourself. 
That is something that you have charge of.”
–Jim Rohn

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Who is accountable? That’s easy. We are. We are accountable to ourselves to others and for every thought we have. But we may often think of blaming others for whatever results we may see and it is easy to look around the world through media and see there is a whole lot of trying to find others accountable that is going on.

Let’s look at accountable reflection for a moment. It may seem strange to put those two words together, but they really do go hand in hand. As we reflect on how our day went, how our lives have been thus far and how things generally have turned out for us, this is a way that we can see how we can be accountable for our thoughts and our actions.

Jim Rohn used to call that “running the tapes,” at the end of the day, after the sale or whatever period we may choose to reflect on. And, he often used the word responsible or responsibility as we would reflect. We can choose to accept responsibility for our actions and our thoughts as to how things came to be or we can find blame and seek to release our responsibility to be accountable.

When it comes down to it, we are the ones responsible and so it is very beneficial to ask ourselves from time to time how we did and be fair and honest with ourselves. Did I give my best today? Did I give my best efforts on that task, the sale, or other opportunities that I had today? Did I tell my spouse, my family, that I loved them? Did I treat others with respect and dignity? Was I critical of others? Was I appreciative of others today? Did I praise anyone today?

As Jim said, it is good to run the tapes at the end, and I agree with that, but let us consider running the tapes all the while we are in motion. Change the question from did I? to am I? Am I giving my best efforts to this task or to this prospect? Am I loving my family and letting them know often? Am I respecting the person in front of me? Am I excited about the opportunities that I have right now? Am I appreciative? Am I praising people and recognizing their contributions?

Who is accountable? I am. Who is responsible? I am. 

Let me reflect on that!

Spread some joy today–by accepting responsibility for your own joy!

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