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“Ignore those that make you fearful and sad, 
that degrade you back towards disease and death.” 

Let yourself be drawn by the stronger pull 
of that which you truly love.” 

— Rumi 

Anger is easily aroused, and can even become a career for some. It is totally fear. It is the ego is full swing. Alan Cohen said, “The world of the ego is an unsolvable mess. The world of love is eternally at peace. Every moment is a choice between the two.” Every moment we get to choose between love and fear.

Abraham, Esther Hicks makes it simple and yet profound by saying, “When you look out into the environment that surrounds you, and you feel appreciation for what you see, you tune yourself to the frequencies of the best of all that you are. And then, the best of All-That-Is, is all that you will see. That is how you manage your point of attraction.” 

What is interesting about the newspaper and the kind of information it generally provides is that about 95% of it is negative. As one of the theories of journalism of that nature, shining a light into darkness is looked upon as beneficial and good, when whatever we focus on creates more of what we are seeing. So, the more we shine the light on what is ‘wrong,’ the more wrong we find, and the more upset we can be. But it is all 100% fear.

If the newspaper, or anyone wanted to focus on what is beneficial and good, they would focus on love, on the uplifting, the joyful. No desire here to shine a light into the darkness, but simply choose to walk in the light and remain in the light. Alan Cohen shares this: “The form in which you worship is less important than the heart you bring to the altar.” Where is our heart? It is love. We don’t bring our love to the darkness, love is in the light where darkness does not exist.

In Love Is Letting Go Of Fear by Gerald Jampolsky, he shares this: “Fear always distorts our perception and confuses us as to what is going on. Love is the total absence of fear. Love asks no questions. Its natural state is one of extension and expansion, not comparison and measurement. Love, then, is really everything that is of value, and fear can offer us nothing because it is nothing.” 

Our chosen thoughts can inflict pain on us, and as we experience that pain, we want justice to prevail to attempt to soothe our pain, but it never will. Everything that we can imagine outside of us is also inside of us. Pain begets more pain. Fear begets more fear. And, fortunately love begets more love. In every moment of every day, we have two choices. No matter if we are interacting with clients, customers at work, with family at home, with the news on the television, radio and newspapers–wherever our focus is, we get more of that.

We get to choose fear, or we get to choose love. It’s not about right or wrong, good or bad, evil or goodness, it is only about fear and love. Choose according to what you want to give. Choose according to what you want to receive. Choose according to how you want to live your life. And choose we will. That is all we can do. We always, always, always get to choose.

Therein Lies Our Pain Or Pleasure. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by letting go of the pain, letting go of the darkness, and by stepping into the light and spreading love as joy is such a beautiful expression of.

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