Daily Inspiration 3-15-12

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“Optimists are right.
So are pessimists.
It’s up to you to choose
which you will be.”
— Harvey Mackay
The more I know intellectually and spiritually, the more I know that there is only choice. It isn’t a matter of right and wrong, left or right, up or down, in or out, it is simply how we choose and how we feel about our choices.
Some who are optimists, natural or learned, think that pessimists are part of the whole of the world’s ills. It is only in accepting the choices of others as valid choices that our own becomes as valid. The desire to be right is off the path. The desire to find wrong is off the path. The condemnation of anything is off the path. There is only our own choice for whatever reason we may have and all reasons are individual and perfect.
It’s easy to say such things and a bit more difficult to live this way, so I find that I am a practicing lifer. I see someone who pisses me off, who I would think is an idiot, brain-dead or worse, I then begin to see my choice as not serving for either of us. I must find things to like about them, as difficult as it may sometimes be. And, frankly, sometimes it takes me a while, but I know that I must practice if I am to become that person I want to be.
It’s not about being good, generous, kind or magnanimous, it is simply choices that I feel good about and serve me or feel crappy about and do not serve me. Don’t we all know that when we feel negative about someone, we feel crappy? Of course. We are moving away from our own true selves.
As the Beatles said, “love is all there is.” Everything else is off the path. I am frequent to remind myself and my negative emotion brings it clearly to my attention.
I Choose Harmony. Most Of The Time. . . Working On The Rest Of The Time. . .
Spread Some Joy Today–practice makes perfect, right?
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