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“Only when you are 
sensitive to the way you feel 
do you really know 
what your vibrational content is.” 
— Abraham, Esther Hicks 

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[Classic post from 11-1-15]

Continuing from yesterday’s message about how our point of attraction can be recognized so that we can be more in control of what we attract into our lives. It was stated yesterday from Abraham, Esther Hicks that, “Your thoughts change the behavior of everyone and everything who has anything to do with you. For your thoughts absolutely equal your point of attraction, and the better you feel, the more everything and everyone around you improves.” And, it is in the recognition of how we are feeling that tells us what we are attracting.

From Ask and It Is Given: “Some believe that they’re focused upon the subject of a healthy body, when instead, they’re focused on the fear of a sick body. Some believe that they’re thinking about improving their financial situation, when instead, they’re focused on not having enough money.” 

They say, “every subject is really two subjects: something that you desire and the absence of something that you desire. If you do not understand that these are very different vibrational frequencies, then you may believe that you are focused on something that you desire, when you may, in fact, be focused in the opposite direction.” 

One of their many processes to make it interesting and fun to find ways to stay in alignment with what we really want is, Which Thought Feels Better? (Process #13 of 22 in the book). They say that the game is best played when you are alone so that there are no outside influences, and in the beginning, it can be most helpful to write down how you feel about a subject. As you look at that, they suggest you expand on that feeling, then write a statement that you think feels better. Some statements may not feel better or might feel worse, but as you go through the process, of trying to find a better feeling thought, you will change your vibration toward feeling better about the subject you’re considering and yourself at the same time.

After you have played the game so that you understand how you use it, you can easily do it in your mind as your thoughts are coming to you.

Here’s a simplified idea of this: Which thought feels better, to appreciate or to condemn? Which thought feels better, to applaud what you have done, or to feel critical that you did not do enough?” 

When I talk about the importance of feeling good, some have said to me that life is not all about feeling good. Then they go on about all the things going wrong in the world, violence, and a long list of ills, and that things happen and stuff happens, and you just can’t go around feeling good all the time! Well, I have to let them have their way. If they want to feel bad, okay. If they want to focus on what is wrong, okay. If they want to find more ways to feel bad, okay–for them. It is not okay for me. We cannot change another, we can only change ourselves. So, it is best to let people make their own choices. I’m okay with that, but I’m not going to the dark side just because someone has a long list of ills in the world and they feel passionate about them.

I think most would agree that they really, truly want to feel better or to feel good. Yesterday I felt fabulous all day long and it was such a joy to feel that. That’s what I’m talkin’ about! So, this process of asking ourselves, Which thought feels better? can be helpful in finding more ways to feel good and fewer ways of feeling bad. That is its only purpose.

Which Thought Feels Better? 

Spread Some Joy Today–by taking your happy pill and feeling good.

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