Daily Inspiration 3-14-12

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“Not everything that can be counted counts,
and not everything that counts can be counted.”
— Albert Einstein


This quote and the idea surrounding it is one of the most important things I have ever learned and I continue to learn from it regularly.
As an example, in our business, we see some who want to quantify and measure as if that number, whatever it may be, is something truly important. It is a very rare situation where that number actually matters at all, other than to have some sort of bragging point. Plus, one thing I’ve learned about numbers is that we can find ways to have them say whatever we might want, or to justify things with our own spin.
I’ve found influence is far more important than any counting and measuring. It is something that is not always visible to the naked eye, or even the eye at all. It is often only felt as a sense of something important or profound in our heart or our vibration. There are also so many ways to be of influence.
So, let me ask you a question. Is it more important to be influential or to have a certain set of numbers such as monthly sales, dollars earned per month, year, or earnings gross or net, the killer domain name, an exclusive Fortune number, etc?
And, how do we become a person of influence? I have found that it is by simply being the best you that you can be, acting on your intuition, staying on course when you feel strongly about something, and practicing and sharing love constantly.
Though It May Not Be Able To Be Counted, At Least To Me, Influence Is What Counts.
Spread Some Joy Today–Open up and let more of the real you out. Love yourself enough to do that and you will find more joy as a result.
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