Daily Inspiration 3-13-12

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“When you blame others, you give up your power to change.”
— Robert Anthony
I was looking at some quotes about blame and many say not to blame others, but instead blame ourselves. I think that doesn’t work so well as it is intended to. I think the whole problem is not who or what to blame, but choosing to blame at all.
When we blame, we are on a fault finding mission intended to exonerate us in the process. As a result, we are just like the news on TV, radio and in print. That is 95% of what they do and it is obvious in the wording, photos and video. It’s all about what’s wrong and who’s to blame. As we continue down this path, there is no growth and absolutely no enlightenment, let alone any good feelings.
So, let’s play a little, What if? game. What if everything happened for a reason? What if everything worked out perfectly? What if there was no one and nothing to blame? What if all there was is well being? What if we were thankful instead of disgruntled? What if we gave praise instead of blame? What if we looked for what was right and good instead of what was wrong and bad?
What if this changed our thinking for the better? What if our circumstances improved too? What if we sought joy?
What If It Started With ME?
Spread Some Joy Today–by just turning your focus on what is well, pleasing, good, encouraging, and loving. Even when others may think you strange for it. There is joy enough in that too.
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