Daily Inspiration 3-13-11

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“Putting is like wisdom – partly a natural gift
and partly the accumulation of experience.”
— Arnold Palmer
“Successful action is cumulative in its results.”
— Wallace D Wattles
Any experience adds to the whole, thereby making each leap forward from a new perspective. This is reason enough to get excited about what we are doing right now. What we are doing right now will certainly add to the whole and make our next adventure easier and more fruitful.
I started a commercial truck operation at a dealership in mid-1989. It grew very slowly at first, but we kept moving and focused on activity knowing that results would take care of themselves. It was true and we grew then much more rapidly and it became a very successful enterprise. It was also a learning experience, and experimental station where much was tried and less was proved, and much was gained as a result.
Four years later, I started a second commercial truck operation at another dealership, except this time, what took four years to achieve with the first operation, took only about a year at the second. I carried all of that learning, knowing better what to do more quickly and efficiently in the second operation. This then expanded somewhat further than the first operation.
In addition, the accumulated learning from many years before in things I gained experience in was instrumental in making both commercial truck operations more successful.
I have found this to be true in all situations and I am thankful for the learning opportunities. It has also given me a great deal more confidence to start again not being concerned about starting over, but starting from here. If we looked at everything we are involved in this way, it would make for a happier disposition in general and especially in transitions planned or unplanned.
Where We Are Is Somewhat Further Along Than Where We Were, When We Pay Attention. . .
Spread Some Joy Today–find joy in learning and growing. It will be of service down the road.
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