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“What would religion do
without the devil?”
— Alan Cohen

[Classic post from 9-1-17]

Indeed. What would the protagonist do without the antagonist? As I consider all the ways I can think of in how struggle, roadblocks, external authorities, and our own internal games play in the mixture of living life, I see nothing but the same. Well, perhaps, the same with a different name and face and time. But, same modus operandi nonetheless.

Yet, we all have the power to change this. We have always had the power; however, we have not often used it. The reason we have not is that we see the big bad wolf and we are scared. Our fear rules.

The more I grow in my studies, the clearer all of life becomes. The fact that we are dealing with the same scenarios and situations that plagued humanity thousands of years ago is an amazing thing to me. Why has it not changed? I know the answer: WE haven’t changed. And, since we are the perceivers of our world, if we don’t change, our world doesn’t change either.

I have so loved this quote from Jim Rohn: “For things to change, you have to change.” But, this is not clear enough. It is still focused on the outside. A far better way to state this truth is this way: “For things to change, I need to change.” Yet, this is an edict. We have the power of choice. So, the best way to say it might be this: “If I want things outside of me to change, inside of me to change, I have the power to change what I think, what decisions I make, and how I act, react, or choose not to act.”

As one changes, that one gives permission to all others to change as well. Lao Tzu stated that “the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step,” and so it is with one person’s change. The journey to change your own environment, the collective environment begins with ourselves in whatever capacity or situation we may find ourselves in.

No Longer Waiting On The World To Change! 

Spread Some Joy Today–by creating the world of your dreams.

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