Daily Inspiration 3-12-13

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“Never underestimate the power of “casual”

conversations or your ability to serve as a link

in a chain of greater good. Also consider the power

of those who can support you when you ask for help.

Great things often happen in simple and unexpected ways.”

— Alan Cohen

As I grow in wisdom, I find that I go with the flow without complaint. It is amazing to find out who you will meet, how that meeting will spark something in the people in the meeting, or even beyond the meeting through others that they may influence. And, I find that it is often in the unexpected changes and circumstances that I find these meetings are more interesting and unique.

You also may never know how something that you will say or do or publish will affect another and inspire them to a positive change, to a renewed feeling and much more. I remember numerous instances of this kind of thing as I followed my heart at church when I was a worship leader and a series I wrote for men, as well as many songs that I wrote and sang.

It also happens now many years later in business dealings, being involved in the community, helping many non-profits, and much more. Sometimes you will know it and other times someone may tell you about it years into the future, but make no mistake, we all have some kind of effect on each other.

I have learned to actually look forward to changes that seem like they are out of my control. It is always interesting to see how things seem to work out anyway and the interesting people I meet as a result of the changes.

You Just Never Know. . .

Spread Some Joy Today–When things change, get excited! There is joy in change.

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