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“Love is the ultimate 
and the highest goal 
 to which man can aspire.” 
— Viktor Frankl 

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[Classic post from 10-28-15]

In his brilliant book that was just released this month, Alan Cohen keeps it real, easy and short in A Course In Miracles Made Easy. He states in the book from anecdotes that many had bought the original A Course In Miracles, but very few had actually read it through. I know this from personal experience. Reading it was a daunting task and I learned much in the messages in A Course In Miracles through another learned interpreter, Marianne Williamson, and her very popular and delightful book, A Return To Love. I highly recommend that book as well as Alan’s new book.

For all intent and purposes, Alan Cohen explains perfectly what A Course In Miracles is all about. “Every moment, the Course tells us, offers us a choice between fear and love. . . the only real choice is between fear and love. Fear hurts and love heals. All else is detail. The fearful mind spins a web of complexity that makes the hardships of the world seem inescapable. A Course In Miracles tells us that life does not have to be hard and the world that fear has fabricated is entirely escapable. Boil every choice down to what heals versus what hurts, answer fear with love, and you will find the peace you seek.”

This isn’t some airy-fairy philosophy. This is a real choice for us throughout every single day and every aspect of our lives. We get to choose how we respond to the stimuli around us, and we can most easily tell what we are experiencing when we pay attention to how we are feeling. There are only two feelings; albeit, there are many names we’ve given varying degrees of those feelings. The only two feelings are feeling good and feeling bad or not good. Love will always feel good. Not love will always feel off or bad. That’s how easy it can be. There’s only one requirement of us, and that is to simply notice and then make our decisions. At least then we will be living on purpose whatever choices we make.

Here’s a great game to play: As you go through your day and you notice something, or you are being presented with a choice, ask yourself, ‘what would love do?’ Then, just for the heck of it, ask, ‘what would fear do?’ Then ask, ‘which will I choose right now?’ Again, whichever is chosen, at least it is chosen consciously.

One other tiny thing to pay attention to. The results of the choice. That could be telling. . .

How Much More In Charge Can We Be? It’s All Choices. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by choosing love.

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