Daily Inspiration 3-11-13

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“Our lives will only

ever always be

a balancing act

that has less to do with pain

and more to do with beauty .”

— Shane Koyczan


After viewing this, I felt the need to share it today. This is so well done. Having participated in bullying and being bullied, and more the latter, along with the current emotional climate surrounding this school-aged behavior, it seemed appropriate to share. I will also point out that this doesn’t stop with school, as I’ve encountered it in the workplace as much as anywhere. What a great presentation. Share it.

See more: http://tothisdayproject.com/

This Is Not About Being A Victim Or Needing More Rules Or Legislation. It Is About Self-Respect And Love For One Another, And Also Love For Ourselves.

Spread Some Joy Today–No more victim-mentality. Choose joy.

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