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“Every man takes the limits 
of his own field of vision 
for the limits of the world.” 

 — Arthur Schopenhauer 
My Life Lessons 

This is a series of revelations about my life that I am sharing with others for what it may be worth. These come from a lifetime of study and experience of others and myself, and I now translate them to words. These will be numbered; however, they are not in order of importance as all are equally important. It is just a way for me to keep track of them in this series. I hope you find value in them.

Life Lesson #1 

How I see the world around me is how the world really and truly is. 

It would also be true that how I feel the world, the world truly is. I remember a quote by Jim Rohn where he said he heard this phrase: “Things don’t just happen. They happen just.” I’ve always thought that was such an interesting play on words and so appropriate as well.

I am a creator. I create my own world. To say it is all in my head is perfectly said. It is. It never was what was happening, but instead, how I thought or felt about what was happening. And, it is a very, very, very limited view. Just consider the millions of things going on every day all around the world, and I pay attention to an infinitely small number of them.

Whatever I choose to look at and whatever I choose to think or feel about that is what I get. What I See Is What I Get. I am an interpreter. That is a good way to say it because I interpret all the information to comes to me. My eyes only receive light. That light has an infinite number of shadows. I am only receiving and then my brain takes that information and interprets it based on a large number of factors surrounding my life experience and accumulated knowledge.

Each of us will see and interpret as each of us will. There is no right or wrong to it. It just is. We can discuss the differences or samenesses, and we may even decide to change our thoughts or feelings about what we originally saw. We may even decide as a group, but it is still an individual experience. As an example, there are millions of people calling themselves Christians who have split into many groups with certain views, and included in those groups are people who interpret that experience and philosophy individually. Some of those views might be surprising because we keep much of how we color our world private.

As a result of this, we may see possibility, or limitation. We may see beauty or ugliness. We may see problems or solutions. To us it may be broken, or it may be whole and fully functioning. And, in all of this, we have two choices. We have the choice of what we choose to look at, and we have the choice of how we decide to interpret that view.

“We Do Not Need Magic To Transform Our World. We Carry All Of The Power We Need Inside Ourselves Already.” — J.K. Rowling 

Spread Some Joy Today–Accept your role as creator and create some joy for yourself and some extra to share with others.

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