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“Give up trying to be good at stuff

that makes you feel bad.”

— Danielle LaPorte

We all know when we’re trying to be good at something that causes us to feel bad. It might be something we just don’t like to do and yet we feel that it is necessary that we do it personally. You might even be the son or grandson coming in to run the company that has been in the family for generations and you’ve always disliked it. I’ve seen that first hand, and the multi-generational business goes away.

How about doing your own marketing? Especially when you don’t like marketing much, but you think you should be good at it because it’s your business. In our business, we’ve seen a lot of that, and I bless all of them who let us help because it frees them to do what they do well, and us the same.

Sometimes we think we need to hold on to the “control” and be able to direct things like no other can do. Really? No other? Heck, I’ve found in my own business that even though I know how to do almost everything in our business, that there are those who are superior at it in comparison. My job is to learn to see that and let it go. I am always relieved when I get there and the funny thing about that is that this is when the growth spurt kicks in. By letting go and turning it over there is energy released.

I’ve heard some say, “well, I’ve been burned before and I’m not going to let that happen again, so I do it myself.” That’s a perfect strategy for status quo, and decline. We need to all do what we are good at and especially those things that we are really good at, and the only way we can spend more of our precious time there, we must let go of the things that make us feel bad because we aren’t good at them and will never be good at them. I call it a jumping off point.

Let It Go And Find The Joy!

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