Daily Inspiration 3-10-12

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“Tired minds don’t plan well.
Sleep first, plan later.”
— Walter Reisch
I found myself out of sorts today. In fact, I was irritated several times, pissed off a bit (maybe more like tinkled. . .), feeling a bit down and noticing it all almost as if I was on the outside looking in at the same time as experiencing it.
Some people think I am Mr. Positive and up all the time and that I don’t have off days, but I do. But, I do feel so much more enlightened now than at any time in my life, and I find that the problem (assuming such a thing exists) with being more enlightened is that when you don’t feel right, you can never go back to the old way of blaming everything else or everyone else. Bummer. I have crossed the line and now I have to own it, accept that I am feeling it and since I know the way out now, I cannot stay down for very long. At least, that’s what I realized today. You just can’t go back to the old justification routines.
Nonetheless, I realized that the reason I was off today is that I am tired from the trip and just need some rest. Things just don’t go right when you’re tired. Fortunately, there is an easy solution to that: sleep! I think also a bit of kicking back is in order.
It Will All Be Here Tomorrow And The Next Day, Don’t You Think?
Spread Some Joy Today–Chill.
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