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“People have really gotten comfortable not only
sharing more information and different kinds, but
more openly and with more people–and that social
norm is just something that has evolved over time.”
— Mark Zuckerberg
I am in constant awe when I consider nature and when I consider some of the things man, or humankind has done. A perfect example of something that wows and awes me is communication tools like facebook and other so-called social media sites like Twitter, LinkedIn and more. Now YouTube is considered a social media site as well.
As a history buff, it is easy for me to just look back a few years and see how dramatically the world has changed in the way of tools and environment. Less than 200 years ago, it was a 3 mile per hour world. Now, thousands of planes every day fly in excess of 500 miles per hour, we have space ships exceeding 25,000 miles per hour and we have only scratched the surface of speed.
It was less than 120 years ago that the typewriter began use. The automobile is just a little younger. Modern, cleanly medicine is younger still. The airplane is less than 100 years ago. The copy machine is a baby in comparison. The stereo and television are similar. Heck, color TV is very young.
Personal computers are less than 40 years old. If you count when they became more widespread in use, they are less than 30. The Internet is so young it is mind-bending to think of what it has become in the short time it has even existed. Websites would not exist without it and now there are billions of them.
Then I come to something so interesting and powerful as facebook. There were social sites before it, but it is a game changer. Now the buzz in all business circles is facebook and how it can benefit a business. There has yet to be a tool quite like it. It is unique and being copied in concept at hundreds of sites.
What a wonderful time to be alive! So many things going on, making life better, providing maximum value. What a joy to use a tool like facebook even for what it was originally intended for. It is the popularity of it that makes it a success and it is the value of it that creates that popularity.
Thanks Mark. It’s a wonderful world, and you helped it to be a bit moreso.
I’m In Awe Almost Constantly Now. Sure Joy.
Spread Some Joy Today–Find something or someone to appreciate and then do it.
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