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“Don’t be afraid of the space between your dreams and reality.
If you can dream it, you can make it so.”

— Belva Davis

“The idea of an overnight delivery service isn’t feasible.”

— Yale business professor (in 1966) referring to a thesis
submitted by Fred Smith, founder of FedEx.

I just love the phrase Belva Davis uses, ‘the space between your dreams and reality.’ What a great way to say that. Then, she takes it further with, ‘Don’t be afraid of the space between your dreams and reality.’ That is truly where many of us get stuck.

A common phrase I have heard many times throughout my life is, ‘you are a dreamer.’ Of course, it’s silly, because we are all dreamers. We dream every day–or at the very least, every night. In our dreams we can do anything. Some of the things I’ve done in my dreams are just off the chart in strange and unbelievable in terms of reality.

This alone, tells me what kind of awesome thing our mind is. To be able to do all those things that we do in our dreams and picture it vividly is pretty miraculous. Then, when we awake, we see ‘reality’ telling us, we were just dreaming. Just dreaming, indeed.

I think the key to success is to learn how to dream in the daytime and begin seeing the dreams as reality and reality as dreams. Fred Smith saw his dreams as reality and acted on it and we now know it as FedEx Corporation, a huge company touching millions of lives on a daily basis. The FedEx dream began in operation in 1971 just five years after the remark by the professor above. If you want more of that story, get the book, Changing How The World Does Business: FedEx’s Incredible Journey To Success by Roger Frock. It is a truly interesting journey and the company is still on the journey.

The space between your dreams and reality is a short or long as you allow it to be.

Fear Is Over-Valued And Under-Achieving. Is There Anything To Fear More Than Fear Itself?

Spread Some Joy Today–Shorten the space between a dream and reality through belief and commitment.

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